Tourist Guide

Nuevo Casas Grandes has a rich culture and surroundings full of activity and history.

6 Km. from Nuevo Casas Grandes, is the Magic Town of Casas Grandes, a community that receives its name from its proximity to the ruins of Paquimé, a word that means “Big Houses”.

We’ll tell you what you can do in this region:

1.- To begin, immerse yourself in the archaeological zone of Paquimé, declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. You can also visit the Paquimé Cultural Center.

2.- Do not forget to visit the Museum of Northern Cultures, located near the archaeological zone of Paquimé, there you will find utensils and other pieces of the ancient cultures of Northwest Mexico, as well as exhibitions, spaces for children, shops and different areas where you can relax and rest.

3.-You can visit the Cueva de la Olla is an archaeological site located in the Sierra Madre. It is characterized by having a giant barn and beautiful landscapes throughout the year.

4.-Valle de los Piloncillos, this place besides having a beautiful view, you will find huge stones shaped like piloncillo.

5.- Don't forget to visit the nearby town, Mata Ortiz, famous for captivating Mexico and the world with its fine Paquimé-style pottery.

6.- On the way, you should not forget to visit Colonia Juárez, located 23 kilometers southwest of Casas Grandes, which was founded in the 19th century to form the first Mormon settlements in the country.
The houses of the place are of American style architecture, they are also; the Victorian-style Juarez Academy and the Colonia Juárez temple.

7.- If you need a moment of peace or take a walk in the sky, visit the Chapel of the Lord of Mercy, whose interior was painted by the Chihuahuan artist Grisel Ortiz. It is said that the people who visit the Chapel feel in heaven.

8.- On the road to Mata Ortiz, there are the remains of the beautiful Hacienda de San Diego. It is said that it was owned by the richest man in the state of Chihuahua, Luis Terrazas, but when it was finished, he had to flee due to the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution. His initials still appear on the façade of the hacienda.

9.-Arroyo de los Monos: Located 35 km south of Nuevo Casas Grandes, it is an interesting archaeological site that houses a series of engravings made directly on the rocks of the Arroyo de los Monos.
Among the simple drawings are representations of the local fauna, mainly, as well as human and abstract figures and hunting scenes.

10.- If you like recreational and outdoor activities, you must visit the “Rodolfo Fierro” Lagoon. Although it is an artificial body of water, in this place there are plenty of options to spend the morning and afternoon with the family. In addition, you will know the legend of General Rodolfo Fierro, Francisco Villa's right arm. Fierro sank in that place and lost his life when trying to cross with his horse, which was loaded with sacks of gold. Later, in 1885, the Mormon community built the artificial lagoon that today you can visit without fear of sinking.

11.- Surely you have heard of the temazcales, because here in Nuevo Casas Grandes there are also some where you can detoxify body and soul, in addition to reliving a sacred ritual from pre-Hispanic times. Inside, in a space that will be as dark as outer space, your body will begin to sweat, expelling toxins, clearing the airways, relaxing the nervous system and rejuvenating your skin. In passing, it will accommodate some areas of your psyche that needed another place or perspective.